Future Farmers for East Sussex – The Ecological Land Cooperative opens smallholder applications

After being granted temporary planning permission by Wealdon District Council to create three affordable smallholdings for new entrant farmers in Arlington, East Sussex, The Ecological Land Cooperative (ELC) has opened smallholder applications for their East Sussex site continuing the work of generating ecological farming opportunities and rural enterprise

The 7.5 hectare site was formerly a maize (corn) field. Industrial maize farming can cause soil erosion, compaction and surface water run-off increasing the risk of flooding. With the creation of three new smallholdings of mixed farms, the site at Arlington will be designed to become more biologically diverse and ecologically resilient.

The application process aims to identify passionate and committed small-scale farmers with great ideas for bringing local food, employment and agricultural diversity to the area.

Oliver Bettany, Membership and Engagement Manager, says: “We’re really excited to open up the application process for Arlington and look forward to receiving applicants that share the mission and values of the ELC, particularly our commitment to co-operative working.”

The price of the holdings is fixed and the ELC is not looking for the highest bidder. Instead, they are looking for applicants who can demonstrate that they will be able to establish and manage an ecological farm business appropriate to the site, its natural resources and location.

The mission of the ELC is to provide affordable opportunities for ecological land-based businesses in England and Wales. They support rural regeneration by developing affordable residential sites for farming, forestry and other land-based enterprises which are ecologically beneficial and financially viable.

The deadline for applicants is 7th November (midnight). For more information on the application process please visit: ecologicalland.coop/application

For more information, please contact, Lauren Simpson communications@ecologicalland.coop or Sonia Sinanan Tel 01273 766 672

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