Business Planning

Why is it important?

Every organisation needs a roadmap to help ensure that there is a clear, shared vision of its long term goals and that best use is made of the time and resources available.

Good business planning will help clarify roles, resource requirements and determine how the organisation will achieve its aims.

Key considerations

For every community led organisation there are a number of key considerations including:

  • How can we quantify the local needs we want to meet?
  • What is it we want to achieve and how can we deliver?
  • What resources do we have / need?
  • Who are the key partner organisations we will need to work with?

  Local authorities – housing policy, land, planning permission and funding

  Housing associations – development / management specialist skills and funding

  Developers – land, planning permission, planning gain and construction

  Land owners – particularly exception sites benefiting the local community in perpetuity.

  • How will we project manage delivery?

We can help you with …

  • General advice and support
  • Identifying and mapping local needs
  • Developing the vision and mission
  • Preparing viable business plans
  • Managing projects
  • Identifying and managing risks / due diligence
  • Negotiating agreements with the local authority – e.g. preparing allocation policies
  • Evaluating and establishing ongoing management arrangements

Other sources of information

In considering these and other key issues the following websites provide useful information.

CLTN – Resources: go to website

Community Led Homes – Resources: go to website

UK Cohousing – Information / research on Cohousing: go to website

The Hub – enabling Sussex community groups to develop truly affordable homes