Why is it important?

Funding is not only vital in meeting the cost of the development, but also crucially, to enable the delivery of housing and other buildings that are truly affordable and sustainable.

To achieve this access to grants / loans and other forms of subsidy – such as free or cheap land / buildings, will be vital ingredients.

Setting up and running the organisation, feasibility studies and other pre development costs will also require funding.

Key considerations

  • How can we fund initial set up / organisation costs?
  • What professional advice and support will we need?
  • What development funding options are available to us?
  • Who will fund the pre planning concept development work?
  • What financial / ‘in kind’ support can partner organisations provide?
  • How can we ensure that rents / purchase prices are affordable for local people?

We can help you with …

  • General advice and support
  • Sourcing funding for set up, operation and development
  • Obtaining initial pro bono professional support
  • Negotiating affordable rents and ground rents
  • Developing budgeting and financial planning
  • Managing service charges and sinking funds
  • Procuring and competitive bidding

Other sources of information

In considering these and other key issues the following websites provide useful information.

Community Led Homes – Funding Options: go to website

Homes England – Funding Programmes: go to website

The Hub – enabling Sussex community groups to develop truly affordable homes