Why is it important?

Development (and acquisition) of land and buildings is fundamental to increasing local provision to address identified housing, economic and social needs.

It involves risk – particularly financial, which requires effective management utilising appropriate skills and experience.

The management of development and acquisition is also important to help ensure viable and sustainable schemes which are truly affordable locally.

Key considerations

  • What will the process involve?
  • How will we project manage delivery?
  • What skills / experience will we need / when?
  • How can we ensure we get planning permission?
  • Which stakeholders will we need to be involved at each stage
  • How can we acquire the necessary land / buildings

We can help you with …

  • General advice and support
  • Guiding funding applications, finance and development management
  • Selecting housing association partners and consultants
  • Preparing feasibility studies, assessing viability and concept development
  • Identifying sites, valuation, interest negotiation and acquisition
  • Advising on design and building options
  • Advising pre-planning / planning application development
  • Managing contracts
  • Brokering with developers

Other sources of information

In considering these and other key issues the following websites provide useful information.

Neighbourhood Planning: go to website

Community Led Homes – The ‘total process’: go to website

NaCSBA – information on self/custom build: go to website

The Hub – enabling Sussex community groups to develop truly affordable homes